The main objective of this program is getting to learn drawing using the basic tools within pre academic technique ( the same as Da Vinci and Picasso did when they started drawing).  You will train your hand and eye to feel the line, shape, volume, value, space, texture and lots more to create the most intelligent drawings.

This is simplified version of academic program will sharp your mind and give full understanding of unlimitedness of your drawing abilities. You will be involved into drawing theory and learn the composition strategy.

End of each session follows the critical conversation about drawing. It is significant part to build up your confidence and ability to judge the doubts in your artwork.   

  • Ready for personal progress and challenge ?
  • Or want to have an experiment ?

Then see you next class…


The program is divided on blocks or session. To complete a drawing task you will need to be attended on full session. The session contains 3 classes for 2 ½ hours long.  So totally we have 7 ½ hours for each session to go.


  • The session cost is 50$ 
  • Single class lesson 20$
  • Individual lesson 40$